Words to live by…"If only I were half the person my dog thinks I am" :-)


R. Emmett Jordan
Communications & Design

Apologies, but my Internet home is sparsely decorated at the moment.

For years I've wondered why a friend of mine, who makes saddles for a living, has never made one for himself.

Maybe we're more alike than I thought.


What I do for a living is create a variety of materials to help businesses communicate with their customers. This may include printed pieces—brochures, ads, folders, etc.—or Web sites, kiosks and disc-based projects.

The last few years I've had the good fortune to focus in the areas of agriculture and water. Some of these projects are educational in nature, and others are strictly commercial.

The early part of my career was spent immersed in photography, and I continue to make pictures.


Thanks to the Internet and a satellite connection, I'm able to work from my home in northeast Colorado.


There are many, many talented designers in the marketplace. I figure I need to earn your business by providing value and a relationship you can trust. Creativity is important, but so are the old-fashioned needs of being on-time, on-budget and creating results.

If you'd like to visit about a potential project, please call (970-656-3801) or e-mail (emmett@prairiewindmill.com). It would be my pleasure to send samples or provide a quote.

Thank you.